About US

The title of the company identify of our surname. Our grandfathers begun to cheesemaking of 1930’s which we look at our history we are seeing. Our corporate identity was established by our grandfather Hasan SUTCU at İzmir in 1940 and then in the name of “Hasan SUTCU and Successors” goes on its way. “Sutcuoglu Foundation” was established by our father Orhan SUTCU as a second generation who has produced many kind of traditional cheese,for example white cheese, regional cheeses etc.

We have experience approximately 75 years about branch of dairy industry which was founded “The Factory of Block Mozzarella Cheese and Kashkaval Cheese” in İhsaniye Town/AFYONKARAHİSAR year of 1988, it’s so important for us in this duration. İsmail SUTCU as a first agent for third generation who has been work in cheese store from childhood ages with his father Orhan SUTCU, they had big steps about their job and improved their company. Our block mozzarella cheese became indispensable delicious for pizza shop’s in short time.

İbrahim SUTCU has joined to the company in 2002 so our company’s title became “SUTCUOGLU ORHAN SUTCU MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS LIMITED COMPANY”. Our new factory was prepared which still produces block kashkaval cheese and block mozzarella cheese,especially mechanization and construction convenient for European Union’s standards.

We can say proudly, our company achieved first time sign the project with European Union’s authorized as a number of 001 at Turkey in 2011 so our company was modernized by the European Union. We got the deserved “European Union Standards and European Union Business Safety Documents”. In the kind of our product “Grated Pizza Mozzarella Cheese” joins in this days. As soon as possible we will produce “Slice Cheese for Toast”. As a characteristic manner always earliest doing everything of our company gets first time the act of European Union’s consistence framework’s “Confirmation Document” that it needs all of food companies in Turkey. So our company joins among the can be directly exportation companies.

We have sadness just one topic that our father Orhan SUTCU dead in 2006 so He didn’t see today’s. He dedicated his 50 years for cheese produce and he was a responsible, reliable, equitable as a known by all people. We learned many things from him about life and trade rules that he was a cheese master all of us unique. We always memorializes blessing and thankfulness… We are believe that as a İbrahim and İsmail SUTCU brothers agent of third generation, our children will be improve this family company after us and we wish the success to them…

Finally, Honesty is the best policy for us because Everybody knows that we consider first human health. It does not compromise on health, hygiene and naturality. It always supports a healthy life and gives utmost importance in high qualitative living. Since the first day on, Sutcuoglu’s main mission is the sound growing of all children.