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Our family business identified with our surname “SÜTÇÜ” which means “milkman” in Turkish goes back to three generations. Our grandfathers started their cheese profession in Burhaniye and Hayrabolu in the 1930s, and gained their corporate structure with the title of Hasan SÜTÇÜ and their Successor Collective Company in İzmir on July 21, 1953, and since 1967, we are active with dairies established by our father in various parts of our country.

With a history of 80 years in the sector our company pioneered the industry and has been awarded with projects funded by the EU. The first project in 2011 followed with 4 other projects which were also awarded by EU funds. Thanks to these projects our plant has become a factory at EU standards level in our hometown in Karacaahmet village of Afyonkarahisar. Our factory has become a model plant both in terms of structure and the machinery capacity in a 5000 square meter closed area on a 20,000 square meter area. Our factory manufactures, with the natural milk collected from the surrounding local villages with a diameter of 30 km, Italian type mozzarella cheese which are generally used in pizza, kashkaval cheese, curd cheese, butter and 100% buffalo milk butterfat, yogurt, butter products. As Sütçüoğlu family, we are very happy to supply you our natural products with the confidence we get from you since 1940.

It is our greatest regret that our father and master, Orhan SÜTÇÜ could not see our business today as we have lost him on September 30, 2006 after his 50 years’ experience in this profession which he shared also with us. We will always remember him with mercy and gratitude.